Hypnobirthing with Midwife Laura Meredith-Hobbs

I have been a midwife for several years, my passion lies with giving women individual care tailored to their needs. 

I have experienced the joy of attending several hypnobirths and I have been amazed to witness many beautiful and peaceful births through this process. The practice gives women the tools and the confidence to return to the art of birthing naturally. They are able to call on their own natural birthing instincts, and experience a level of relaxation and calm which allows them to have a much more comfortable, enjoyable and natural birthing experience. 

For me, the most incredible thing that I have taken from the experience, is seeing women be more in control of their own birthing experiences. Seeing them have a deeper understanding of the process and being able to make decisions with confidence. As a result, many mothers have found hypno-birth empowering and life-changing – something that carries over into their new role as mother, and often instils a greater confidence in other areas of their life too. Women are more often calmer and so birth a calm baby. It truly is a beautiful experience.

I also really enjoy the fact that hypnobirthing can be a shared experience for the couple and their baby. Partners have a huge role to play in the birth experience guiding the mother into deep states of relaxation, and protecting the birthing environment. I believe that this helps build confidence in a birthing couple, giving each a strong role in welcoming their baby to the world and setting the standard for how they wish to continue to parent as a family.

Dr Miriam Walsh