The Experts

Dr Miriam Walsh
GP and Founder

Miriam has been a doctor for 9 years, and has worked in a variety of settings as a GP.  She has two children, Lucia and Elijah. She feels passionately that parents-to-be should be able to access up to date and realistic information to help them feel as supported as possible. 

PT Vicki.jpg

Vicki Hill

Pregnancy and Post-natal Personal Trainer

Vicki has been a PT since 2006 and has specialised since 2008. She runs a number of fantastic classes in Bristol including Buggyfit. She is very passionate about getting the right message out there to ladies to ensure they continue exercising in a safe and healthy way for themselves and their babies.

Jess Butterly

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Jessica qualified as a physiotherapist in London in 1992, she specialised in Women’s Health in 2000 and moved to Bristol with her family. She is passionate about helping guide women through the physical changes of pregnancy and birth so they can enjoy their new life as a mother.



Sian Fletcher

Pregnancy and Postnatal Personal Trainer

Sian has specialised in pre and postnatal fitness and wellbeing since 2014. She runs various classes and course throughout South Bristol as well as working with ladies one to one. Sian had a passion for helping those that more than just a basic fitness workout and feels strongly about looking after women's bodies postnatal in a practical way. She also has two young boys herself.


Liz Brierley

Feeding Expert

Liz is a Paediatric nurse and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over 12 years of experience working within the field of paediatrics and infant nutrition/breastfeeding. She is passionate about supporting mothers during their breastfeeding/feeding journey. Having had her first child it made her even more determined to offer not only feeding advise to new mums but emotional support which is integral during those first few months.



Jenna Wilson
Sleep Consultant

Jenna qualified as a Sleep Sense baby and child sleep consultant in 2016, having previously practiced as a specialist childcare solicitor. She has since been trained by the Children’s Sleep Charity. She is passionate about working with tired families around the UK to help everyone get a better night’s sleep. Jenna has three children.


Dr Becky Nuttall


Becky works as a GP in Bristol and has 3 children. She enjoys having the opportunity of getting to know whole families through her work, hopefully helping them lead happy, healthy lives.




paed ellie.jpg

Dr Ellie Hall


Ellie qualified in 2003 and has worked with children since 2004. She is currently the Medical Advisor for Adoption and Fostering in Gloucestershire. She feels very passionately that parents are who are fully informed are better enabled recover from and enjoy the experience of new parenthood. She has 3 children of her own. 

Dr Mark Scrutton

Consultant Anaesthetist

Mark has been a Consultant Anaesthetist with an interest in Obstetric Anaesthesia in Bristol since 1999. He trained at St Thomas’ and St George’s Hospitals in London and has published in the areas of nutrition and pain relief in labour. He is married with three children.


Laura Meredith-Hobbs


Laura is a Midwife who has wealth of experience working in the NHS. She has a specialist interest in looking after mothers in the early postnatal period and has recently started her own business, Postnatal Care Ltd which is a service offering postnatal support in the form of home visits to new mums in Bristol. She has a family of her own.

Dr Issie Gardner
Consultant Anaesthetist

Issie has been a Consultant Anaesthetist in Bristol since 2002. She has special interests in Obstetrics and Gynae-Oncology. Issie has two teenage children.

Helen Oxenham

Helen Oxenham

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Helen qualified as a physiotherapist in 1994 and specialised in Women's Health Physiotherapy after the birth of the first of her 2 children 17 years ago.  She really enjoys giving antenatal classes and supporting women with their pelvic floor function, posture and breathing pre and post birth.


obs aarthi.jpg

Miss Aarthi Mohan

Consultant Obstetrician

Aarthi is experienced in both low and high risk antenatal care. She looks after women with underlying medical conditions in their pregnancy. She graduated from London in 1999 and has been a consultant since 2014. Aarthi lives in Bristol with her husband and her daughter, Lily.


B2C headshot.jpg

Dr Sarah Oram


Sarah graduated in 2015 and is a Paediatrics trainee with a keen interest in neonatology. She is excited to help new parents to feel as well equipped as possible as they embark on this wonderful new stage in life. Sarah lives in Bristol with her partner, Daniel.