Are you thinking about exercise during pregnancy?

We asked our Bump to Cradle specialist personal trainer, Vicki Hill, about her recommendations for exercise and nutrition during pregnancy...

1)   Listen to your body, maintain general fitness levels but don’t try to increase your level of fitness.

2)   Keep walking as much as you can and stay hydrated when you exercise.

3)   If you feel good, exercise throughout your pregnancy but start to taper it down and focus on breathing and relaxation techniques from 35 weeks.

4)   Focus on eating nutrient dense foods and have an anti-inflammatory diet (cut down on coffee/tea and sugar).

5)   Add more carbs such as sweet potato and buckwheat, good fats such as coconut oil, avocado, nuts and fish and eat high iron foods such as green veg, walnuts, almonds and meat.

Then for the last few weeks of pregnancy particularly: Rest! Take naps where possible. Limit your social agenda. Prepare the pelvic floor with perineal massage. Finally, if possible, prepare nutrient rich foods for the first few weeks post-birth and freeze them.

Vicki runs BuggyFit Bristol and works as a PT helping pregnant women and mums. We are incredibly excited to have her as one of our 10 specialists teaching on Bump to Cradle Antenatal Classes, starting January 2017.

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