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The Expert-Led Antenatal Course

Feel confident and supported with balanced and comprehensive antenatal courses delivered by a team of local specialists in Bristol.

Scroll down to explore the full details of the Bump to Cradle expert-led antenatal course and don’t forget that we run courses in 3 Bristol locations.

We recommend that you start your antenatal course when you are between 28-32 weeks of your pregnancy.



Week 1 - The Birth + Newborn Sleep (Midwife)

Week 2 - Intervention and pain relief + Looking after your body (Obstetrician and Women’s Physio)

Week 3 - Early days with your newborn + Your Emotional Health (Paediatrician and Mental Health Expert)

Week 4 - Feeding your baby + practical Newborn Care (Lactation consultant and paediatric nurse)

Week 5 - Social



The Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

the birth



Our expert midwife will talk you through normal labour and provide guidance on preparing your body for labour. She will cover vital questions such as when to go into hospital and what to expect, the stages of labour, coping strategies for pain and anxiety and how progress is assessed. She will also cover water births, home births, non-pharmacological pain relief, management of the third stage of labour, cord clamping, the role of the partner and immediate postnatal care.


Course Content

  • Preparing your birth plan + understanding your options

  • The stages of labour and what this means for you

  • Pain relief and relaxation during labour

  • Life with a newborn

Expert: Midwife + Hypnobirthing Teacher


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

Intervention + pain relief



An insightful and evidence-based introduction to medical intervention in labour and pain relief. Our Consultant Obstetrician will provide a comprehensive guide to what to expect in the case of induction of labour, instrumental deliveries (ventouse and forceps), caesarean section, breech babies and twins and more. You will also learn about the full range of pain relief options in labour from the humble paracetamol and TENS machine through to epidurals and spinal anaesthesia.



  • Induction

  • Ventouse + forceps delivery

  • Caesarean section (planned + emergency)

  • Pain relief options

Expert: Consultant Obstetrician


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

your body



Our resident Women’s Health Physiotherapists are specialists in antenatal and postnatal care as well as experts in advising on labour positions to facilitate pain relief and natural birth where possible. Learn how to take care of your body in pregnancy, including specific musculoskeletal problems, perineum care, pelvic floor protection and rehabilitation and receive guidance guidance on postnatal recovery and safe return to exercise.



  • Exercise in pregnancy and postnatally

  • Pelvic floor care + rehabilitation

  • Labour positions

  • Perineum care

Expert: Women’s Health Physiotherapist


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

Newborn care



Our expert paediatricians will talk you through what to expect during and after labour, from the medical perspective, including understanding the Apgar score, labour room equipment, reasons for admission to a special care baby unit. Also understand the first day baby check and learn to recognise some common issues including weight loss, meconium, jaundiced babies and dry skin. Understand what is normal and abnormal in the first few weeks and when to seek medical attention. Preventing SIDS, first aid. Cord care.

Our Paediatric Nurse will also cover the basics of practical newborn care including bathing and soothing your baby, bedtime and healthy sleep routines (for the whole family) and how and when to use a sling with your baby. Expect to be hands on during this session!



  • Why a paediatrician might need to be there

  • Special care babies

  • Common newborn concerns + what to do

  • Safe sleep

  • How to use a sling and baby-wearing

  • Practical newborn care - nappy changing and bathing

Experts: Paediatrician + Paediatric nurse


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

your emotional health



New parenthood is an emotionally and physically challenging time and at Bump to Cradle we do not underestimate the effect that it can have on both parents’ emotional health and wellbeing, as well as the impact that this can have on relationships.

With our resident women’s maternal mental health specialists and psychiatrists, you will learn strategies to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that is parenthood and understand what is ‘normal’, how to recognise when you might need more support and where to find it.



  • Recognising what is ‘baby blues’ (and what is not)

  • Coping with the unexpected

  • Supporting your partner

  • Coping strategies for anxiety

  • Matrescence

Experts: Women’s Mental Health Specialists + Psychiatrists


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

feeding your newborn



Feeding your baby is bound to be pretty high up on your list of things to learn about as you approach new parenthood! Consistently one of our most popular sessions, our Feeding and Lactation Consultant will deliver non-judgmental advice on breast and bottle feeding, when and how much to feed your baby, winding, expressing and storing milk. You will also learn to recognise some of the common feeding problems such as low milk supply, oversupply, nipple pain, mastitis, tongue tie and where to go for support. 



  • Trying to allay fears and concerns about how to feed your baby

  • Breastfeeding technique - achieving the perfect latch

  • How to introduce a bottle + combination feeding

  • Expressing + storing breast milk

  • Common problems and how to solve them

Expert: Lactation Consultant


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

And so to bed.



Sleep deprivation in the early days of new parenthood is one of the major concerns that our parents-to-be talk about and we aim to equip you with the practical tools to recognise and respond to your baby’s unique needs. Understanding your baby and their sleeping needs and patterns will help you to establish a healthy and effective bedtime routine that works for both your baby and you. We will talk about the safest and most effective products and nursery kit to have to help settle your baby and ensure peaceful sleep for the whole family!



  • Recognising sleep cues

  • Settling a restless baby

  • Understanding a newborn’s sleep patterns

  • Safe co-sleeping

  • The Lullaby Trust

Experts: Midwife + Paediatrician


Bump to Cradle Expert Antenatal Course

The socials



We know how important it is that you leave your antenatal course feeling well-established as a group of new parents - fully informed, relaxed in each other’s company and ready to take on the newborn world together as a supportive tribe. So, based on feedback from our new parents who felt that they always wanted more time to get to know each other before the babies came along, we make sure that the 5th and final evening session that we offer is all about the socials.

We will book a spot at a local Bristol eatery at the end of each course and give you the opportunity to have some dedicated time together to tighten those bonds and feel completely supported as you move toward b-day together.

Of course, we actively encourage meet-ups from the outset and use of the usual range of chat and social media groups too. We are happy to assist with setting these up where needed.



  • Build your tribe of local new parents

  • Feel supported by the BTC new parents network

  • WhatsApp chats + social media support

  • Make friends for life

  • Eat, drink and be merry!


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