Feel confident and supported

with balanced and comprehensive

ANTENATAL and postnatal courses and workshops

led by local specialists.

What an absolutely fantastic antenatal class. We had experts from obstetricians, to GPs, to sleep consultants talk to us about all of our options in a totally judgement free environment. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to feel pushed to go in a certain direction but just wants all the info!!
— Sophie, Bristol

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Founder Dr. Miriam Walsh introduces The bump to cradle

mission to improve antenatal education

& postnatal support for new parents.  


The Bump to cradle antenatal course

5 weeks - 9 specialists 

  • Women's health during and post-pregnancy,

  • The birth including medical intervention in labour,

  • What's normal and what's not in young babies,

  • Your emotional health,

  • How to soothe your baby and get them into a routine,

  • How to feed your baby - whichever way you choose to do it.

Find out more details about the experts + the antenatal course content.




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The Bump to Cradle Mission

Dr. Miriam Walsh, founder of Bump to Cradle and mum of two, explains what's so different about the BTC antenatal offering and her mission to deliver expert knowledge into the hands of parents to be.

"First and foremost, our courses are delivered by Bristol-based experts, giving parents-to-be the chance to be informed and make their own choices.

The team all feel passionately about improving antenatal education- which is why we are all working hard to find and deliver the best we can for our parents-to-be. With our antenatal classes, there is as much focus on the postnatal period and how to look after your baby as there is on the later stages of pregnancy and your labour as we believe this is so important to feel as prepared for as possible.


allaying fears

We deliver non-judgemental information to parents-to-be and, as many of us are parents ourselves, we truly understand that pregnancy, labour and the prospect of having a newborn baby to look after can be daunting. We are committed to doing all we can to allay your fears of the unknown and are realistic about the ups and downs of this key period in life.

Above all, we completely acknowledge that it can be overwhelming, but we also know from experience that armed with good knowledge of the options and all the possibilities, you will leave our antenatal classes feeling more positive, confident and much more informed about beginning your next chapter as parents.


getting to know you

You will be given the opportunity to meet other mums and dads, who are due around a similar time, to help you to build your local tribe of support for that all important fourth trimester. Never will you appreciate the opportunity to have a truly local friendship base as much as when you're trying to get out and about (to find cake and caffeine) with your newborn - trust us! 

We actively encourage you to share your experiences with each other and build empathetic relationships through the discussions and activities that we do.

And of course, our classes are relaxedinformal and always involve some local delicious goodies to fuel your aching bodies and tired minds!


confident & informed

Antenatal classes can be an excellent way to meet a network of other people going through exactly the same thing at the same time and these relationships, paired with the expert insight and information that we promise to impart, will help you to feel confident and informed about the challenges of parenthood to come.

And, of course, we also know that partners and fathers can play a huge role in any newborn baby’s life - and so we invite partners to most of our sessions. Over the Bump to Cradle antenatal course, you will access invaluable advice and support, enabling you to feel more relaxed and confident as you approach your due date, during labour and beyond."