Why choose an alternative to NCT?

Here at Bump to Cradle we are very fond of the NCT. Not only were they pioneers in the antenatal world, educating millions of new mothers and supporting them on their journeys into new parenthood, but they have also completely normalized the idea that parents need to get educated about pregnancy, birth and newborn care in order to survive and thrive as new parents. 

But, and here’s the great thing about parenthood, it’s completely understandable that one size doesn’t fit all. We wouldn’t expect to have anything other than the pick of the bunch in any other aspect of life, and surely this is true of antenatal courses too? So for many parents, the traditional model of the NCT course will prove a perfect match. But for others, an alternative may be even better.

So when Dr. Mim Walsh, founder of Bump to Cradle, sat and thought about her own experience of new motherhood, as well as the experiences of the many hundreds of new mothers and babies that she saw in the community as a GP, she realised that there was definitely a need for antenatal education that really champions learning from the experts, to provide parents-to-be with the absolute finest, most balanced, professional and specialist knowledge about pregnancy, birth and newborn care that could be achieved. And that’s how Bump to Cradle was born.

Dr. Mim saw that more than anything, there was a real need to be able to provide new parents with the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts – to hear more than one voice in the room. The best teachers are experts in their fields and the best experts have one specialism. So that’s what she decided she needed to provide for parents. From here, the original Bump to Cradle team arrived on the scene in Bristol and before long she was filling courses and harvesting positive customer experiences. Over the years the course has naturally developed, shifted and changed to reflect the feedback she has received and now Bump to Cradle delivers new parents with a fantastic, well-rounded, refined, balanced and expert antenatal education, as well as a great opportunity for social engagement with fellow new parents in Bristol.

So, in a word, what’s the one reason to eschew the traditional route in favour of a specialist-led course like Bump to Cradle? Expertise.


Miriam Everson