What people are saying about Antenatal Classes

Bump to Cradle Antenatal Classes are changing the way that parents to be get support and advice before they have their baby. Our team of local pregnancy and postnatal experts are in the best place to deliver high quality information on the last stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period. Over a number of weeks, the aim is to gain confidence, feel supported and acknowledge and then allay a lot of natural fears about childbirth and becoming a parent.

Here’s what our attendees are saying about our classes:

''We really enjoyed Bump to Cradle! The course structure was logical and the handbook was really useful to refer to key information and to make notes during the session.  The course content was informative and the team delivering the course was very knowledgeable.  It was great to be able to talk to practicing professionals who deal with antenatal/pregnancy on a daily basis; they were always happy to answer any questions you had (even if you thought they were silly!) without judgement. The use of real-life experiences and props really helped us to understand the content and prepare us as much as possible for every eventuality! The course also helped us to meet other couples who are expecting around the same time as us which has been great. Having completed the course, we feel a lot more prepared for the remainder of our pregnancy, labour and the arrival of our little bundle!  We will definitely be recommending Bump to Cradle to parents-to-be in the future!''    Sam, Bristol

''I searched for a long time to find the right antenatal class for me and my husband.  As we were expecting our first child of course we wanted to cover the basics, but also wanted the opportunity to speak to highly trained professionals that would provide us with a fully rounded approach to all aspects of pregnancy, birth and what to expect after. We were delighted when we found Bump to Cradle, the small class was intimate, the speakers were informative and engaging and we met other future Mums and Dads who we could share worries and thoughts with.  I would highly recommend Bump to Cradle!''.    Merryn, Portishead

''A few people suggested signing up to a local NCT course.  However, after a bit of research and some contact with the organisers, personally I did not feel very comfortable with their approach.  Being in my late 30s, I was very anxious about being in a huge room full of new mums to be in their 20s experiencing the "perfect" text book pregnancy (this is not real life!). I was really looking for a professional, non judgemental, realistic and friendly approach to provide me with factual information to give me the confidence to make my own choices.  I wanted to share this experience (and hopefully develop a few friendships) with like minded people.  Discovering Bump to Cradle was a huge weight off my shoulders and very refreshing! It was everything that I was looking for (and more!)''.    Amy, Bristol

If you haven't booked your antenatal classes yet and are interested, please contact Miriam at mim@bumptocradle.com or go to www.bumptocradle.com. 


Dr Miriam Walsh