Bump to Cradle - A brief look at what we do

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!Bump to Cradle Antenatal Classes are changing the way that antenatal education is delivered. We have a range of experts from Women's Health Physios to Night Nannies, from GPs to Obstetricians.

Our courses are designed to give parents to be access to local specialists who are best placed to give advice and support on all aspects of childbirth and the first few months with a newborn. Through attending our classes, you will meet other like-minded parents to be and start to build a support community, which is often vital at this time. We aim to give balanced and non judgmental advice, helping to alleviate fears of the unknown, reduce the pressure some parents to be can feel and also help you to feel as confident and prepared as you can be going into this experience!

For more information on our courses and to book at the discounted price of £325 per couple (until the end of April), go towww.bumptocradle.com or contact Miriam at mim@bumptocradle.com. Don't miss out! Our classes so far have received some fantastic feedback!

Dr Miriam Walsh