Who runs antenatal classes?

The answer to this depends on the antenatal course provider that you have chosen. The NHS classes are usually run by local midwives and provide a good basic grounding in antenatal education to help guide and support you in your pregnancy and birth. Private classes offer a range of different class teachers and, depending on your local area and personal preferences, you can find the right course to suit you and your partner in your birth and parenting choices. 


At Bump to Cradle in Bristol, we didn’t think it was good enough to provide one category of teacher alone. That’s why we have built a team of expert antenatal practitioners to deliver our comprehensive and highly recommended course. Why would you want to be advised on the best way to take care of your pelvic floor in pregnancy and the safest ways to keep active in the postnatal period by anyone other than a Women’s Health Physiotherapist? Who better to teach you how to manage a natural delivery then a Midwife? What better way to understand the pain relief options and interventions available than from an Obstetrician? No one is better placed to teach you how to feed your baby than our Feeding Consultant, who is also a paediatric nurse with over 15 years of experience of looking after newborn babies and – not forgetting our amazing maternal mental health specialists, who help our new parents to open up the conversation about emotional self-care, the potential struggles on a relationship with a pregnancy and newborn on the scene.


Find out more about our team of experts and antenatal practitioners on the Our Experts pages and read more about the Bump to Cradle expert-led antenatal course on the Course pages now.

Miriam Everson