WATCH VIDEO: What's different about Bump to Cradle antenatal course?

Meet founder of Bump to Cradle, Dr. Mim Walsh, and understand why Bump to Cradle offers something so unique to new parents in Bristol.

Not all antenatal classes are created equal. And Bump to Cradle, Bristol's only expert-led antenatal course provider is the ultimate departure from the traditional NCT-style antenatal course.

At Bump to Cradle we believe that the best people to support and guide you into new parenthood are the experts. And that's why we've put together a whole team of specialists and professional practitioners that deliver an honest, informative and supportive course for our parents-to-be. Unlike other courses who provide a single course leader to deliver all the content, with Bump to Cradle you will receive up-to-date, balanced and comprehensive information from a whole range of specialists including midwives, obstetricians, women's physics, paediatricians, mental health specialists, feeding consultants and more. Why would you want to discuss medical intervention in labour with anyone other than a consultant obstetrician? And why would you want anyone other than a hospital paediatrician to teach you the essentials of newborn first aid?

Learn more about the course here and book your spot just here.

Miriam Everson