WATCH VIDEO: Why did you set up Bump to Cradle?

Dr. Mim Walsh, Founder of Bump to Cradle - Bristol's only expert-led antenatal course provider - explains why she set up the Bump to Cradle antenatal course which allows parents-to-be to have access to a whole team of specialists and medical practitioners to best prepare them for becoming parents.

Until now, antenatal classes in Bristol have been wholly traditional, with an emphasis on preparing for a 'natural' labour, a breastfed baby and a pretty trouble-free start to parenthood. The only medical practitioner that you are likely to come across is a midwife - and even then you will most likely still be talking about a pretty straightforward experience and a very small portion of the journey into parenthood.

But at Bump to Cradle we aim to dispel the myth that bringing a new baby into the world is anything other than potentially the biggest change and the most remarkable transition that you and your partner have ever experienced. And that is why you have a right to speak to a full range of experts who can advise and support you as you understand and fully prepare for the complete picture of physical, emotional and practical implications of new parenthood.

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Miriam Everson