The Redland COurse

The Redland Course Image


Snapdragons Nursery, 1 Grove Park, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PP


North Bristol was the spot where we first started running Bump to Cradle expert-led antenatal classes so we’ll always have a little soft spot for our Redland cohorts!

We think it’s absolutely essential to be able to attend an antenatal course near where you live - we know that one of the main things you’ll be looking for is a tribe of fellow new parents to hang out with during those first few months of parenthood - and at the Redland course you’ll most likely be getting to know other parents from the Clifton, Cotham and Redland areas of Bristol.

Book a spot on one of our Redland courses, based in the delightful Snapdragons Nursery, and enjoy meeting our team of specialists to learn from the best experts in Bristol about how to navigate the later stages of your pregnancy, how to manage your labour on your terms and how to cope in those tricky newborn weeks and months.