Here's what our attendees say about our courses...


‘Absolutely fantastic antenatal class. We had experts from obstetricians, to GPs, to sleep consultants all come in and chat to us about all of our options in a totally judgement free environment. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't want to feel pushed to go in a certain direction but just wants all the info!!’ Sophie

‘Bump to Cradle helped us feel so confident that we were making decisions that were right for us and our baby with all the information we needed; more than that, through it we've met a wonderful group of fellow parents-to-be who are going to be such a vital part of our support network.’ Ross

'Fantastic classes delivered by professionals on a level all can understand. Extremely friendly environment, memories of crying with laughter at one point(!), but info provided is totally on point and nothing better could have prepared me for being a new mum. Highly recommended to all parents-to-be, these classes are worth their weight in gold! Thank you Mim for such a brilliant experience.' Ali

‘We were delighted when we found Bump to Cradle, the small class was intimate, the expert speakers were informative and engaging and we met other future Mums and Dads who we could share worries and thoughts with. I would highly recommend Bump to Cradle!’ Merryn and Lee

'I would highly recommend the Bump to Cradle course. The course content was very comprehensive with excellent speakers. The course was also non- judgmental unlike some other ante natal classes available. We had a lot of laughs throughout which made some of the more scary/gross bits (!) easier to handle! Miriam and all the speakers were lovely and approachable. I met some great girls at the sessions who have been an amazing support network since. So glad we attended!!!' Rebecca


'Just completed the B2C course and it's equipped me with plenty of know-how, tips and advice, which has really made me feel more relaxed and prepared for motherhood. It was lovely to meet lots of likeminded couples in the same position and look forward to getting to know them more over the coming weeks and months. Massive thanks to Miri and the course leaders for such a fab 6 weeks! Highly recommend to all expect parents in Bristol!' Daisy


'Excellent course and far more informative than NCT. All aspects of having a baby were covered by relevant healthcare professionals. Lots of useful information with a larger focus on after the delivery rather than just labour itself (which was also covered really well). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to expectant couples. The price is definitely worth it!' C W


'This was such a fantastic course - we cannot recommend it enough. My husband and I really enjoyed each evening and learned so much invaluable info about the birth and first few months of parenthood.' Laura


'Our Bump to Cradle course was such a positive experience. Each of the different “topics” has been well thought out and felt very accessible, not overwhelming. We never once felt “preached” to, all of the experts were open minded and offered advice/answered questions without judgement. We were so lucky with our group, 10 months on and we still see each other regularly - the guys too! We can’t recommend Bump to Cradle enough, if you’re thinking about a pre-natal course then this is the one.' Ali


'My partner and I both thought the Bump to Cradle classes are excellent. It's really helpful to hear from experts and be able to get all the facts to help us make informed decisions. The sessions were open, friendly and the class size was just right. We met some lovely people in our group and Miriam (plus her homemade cakes!) and her team are wonderful. Would highly recommend.' Sabrina


'I've just completed this course and would recommend it to others. The thing I particularly liked about it was the range of experts who all spoke from both extensive personal and professional experience and based their advice on the latest research. I also liked the way the course covered topics from health during pregnancy to labour to breast/bottle feeding and caring for baby after birth. The night nanny talking about sleep was my favourite session! The group was small and friendly, with both partners present. The cakes and drinks every evening were a nice touch!' L Williams


'Enjoyed the course, very informative about such a personal and life changing experience. It was obvious that we were much better prepared than other first time expecting parents that attended NCT or alternative private classes. My wife would tell her AquaNatal and Bupa Pilates class mates what she learnt that week and they all learnt something new. Clifton isn’t convenient from South Gloucestershire but it was just after rush hour and there is plenty of parking. Would I recommend this course, yes absolutely.' Tim


'I really loved the B2C antenatal course & found it gave me some much-needed confidence about impending motherhood before I had my son. Since his birth, I have called upon the skills I learnt numerous times & even consulted the handbook to check the advice we were given by the experts. I chose B2C over the more traditional approach of NCT as I was worried it was a bit outdated & appealing to the older crowd. As a twenty-something mum I wanted something more modern & practical, which my partner would enjoy too. But by far the best thing about the course was meeting other soon-to-be parents & we have formed something of a 'support' group on Whatsapp, which has kept me sane in times of distress with a newborn. What's more, we have met up for catch ups over coffee several times & formed real friendships through our shared experiences. Miriam is so lovely & it's great that she's created this course, as she's not only a GP but also a mum of two so has the medical but also the practical background to speak from. I highly recommend B2C to all expectant parents, its relaxed, non-preachy and great fun too!' Daisy


'We really enjoyed Bump to Cradle! The course structure was logical and the handbook issued at the first session was really useful to refer to key information and to make notes during the session. The course content was informative and the team delivering the course was very knowledgeable. It was great to be able to talk to practicing professionals who deal with antenatal/pregnancy on a daily basis; they were always happy to answer any questions you had (even if you thought they were silly!) without judgement.' Sam