Part II: Top tips for keeping active throughout your pregnancy

So, as promised, here is the second instalment of top tips from our resident women’s PT… get ready to feel inspired to roll out your yoga mat and enjoy!

P.S. Our women’s PT Top Tips for postnatal exercise are coming soon…!

6. Avoid anything that makes you hold your breath. Your blood pressure will

probably rise during pregnancy and holding your breath will raise it further. Not to

mention, breath holding whilst exercise will increase pressure within the

abdominal cavity and could lead to problems post natal.

7. Do your pelvic floor. Do your Kegals but movements such as squats, side

lunges, rows etc., will also work them. Leaning to lift them on the exertion and

fully relaxing will help to tone them but also lengthen them. Try downloading the

NHS Squeezy App.

8. You don’t have to avoid running and balance work (See number 1). If you

have no discomfort or pain and your midwife is happy with you to continue, go

ahead! You generally get more clumsy due to the postural changes in pregnancy,

so practising early will help.

9. Stretch. You don’t need to avoid stretching all together.  Yes you do release the

hormone relaxin, which softens the joins and soft tissues in preparation for

labour. However, it doesn’t mean that a good stretch will make your joints lax and

loose. Stretch to the point of discomfort never pain and hold for around 5-6

seconds, release and repeat 5-6 times.

10. If in doubt walk. Achy back/hip, time, sickness and fatigue may mean hitting the gym just

isn’t going to happen. So go for a walk. Its free, you can do anywhere and at any point,

its low impact, there’s no stress on the joints, you don’t need special kit or clothes. Aim

to raise your heart rate slightly, enough to get a little puffy and sweaty. Aim for 30 mins

in a day. You get some fresh air, exercise and head space.

Miriam Everson