Part I: Top tips from our Women's PT on keeping active throughout your pregnancy

We get asked for a lot of advice about how to keep safely active during pregnancy - so we asked our incredibly knowledgable and experienced women’s PT and pregnancy and post natal expert to give us some top tips.

Here’s the first 5 and keep an eye out for the second instalment coming soon…

1. If your body is used to it- carry on.  Unless there is medical reason or you just

don’t feel like it, carry on just taking it a bit easier as you move through the

Trimesters. However, some sports should be avoided during pregnancy such as

contact sports (think martial arts) and scuba diving.

2. Listen to your body. If it feels weird, awkward, painful or just not right, it

probably isn’t. If you feel in need of a rest ,go with that. Your body is amazing at

telling you what it needs right now.

3. Hydrate. Your body is working extra hard to grow a being, make sure your drink


4. Keep cool. All the extra blood and work on your lungs and heart means an

increase in body temperature. So for that spin class, try and bag the bike under

the air-con, wear breathable fabrics and make sure you have your water bottle


5. You don’t have to work your core to work your core. After 12 weeks you

should avoid targeted abdominal exercises such as sit ups and planks etc.   You

can keep your tummy strong and labour ready by doing exercises such as

squats. Better yet, suspension training is great during pregnancy. Aqua classes

can also be a great way of working your abs without the strain.

Miriam Everson