I'm pregnant! What should I do now?

So the thing about being pregnant for the first time is that there is a whole lot of New Stuff happening to you and around you and, if you’re not careful, it can seem a little overwhelming. So here’s our advice on what to do when you first spot those two blue lines and find out that you really are actually 100% pregnant…

1. Make an appointment at your local GP office to go and see a midwife. 

2. Go and get yourself some pregnancy vitamin tablets (including the RDA of folic acid).

3. Make sure you’re fridge and food cupboard are stocked up with lots of healthy meal options and snack foods. If you get morning (read: all day) sickness then you’re going to want to nibble constantly to keep the nausea at bay. 

4. Give your diary the once over. Your midwife will give you a due date and you will need to clear some space for that…! 

5. You might also want to start having a think about how you might need to manage things at work. Most people wait until after the first scan – at 12 weeks – to speak to HR or their boss about managing leave and pay options during a maternity break. 

6. Have a look into antenatal courses in your local area. An antenatal course is a fantastic way to ease the transition into parenthood for you and your partner. Not only will you receive a wealth of information from professionals about the later stages of your pregnancy, how to manage the birth and how to cope with a newborn, but you will also get the opportunity to meet other new parents in your local area. And this is the most valuable thing of all. Antenatal courses are your best route into the new parents network in your local area

7. Put your feet up. Your midwife will let you know when, where and how to book all the relevant scans, check up and jabs appropriate for you and your baby. So listen to her advice but spend the rest of the time relaxing and banking some valuable sleep and date nights before the new arrival tips your world upside down (in a good way, of course!).

Check out the Bump to Cradle antenatal course delivered by our team of experts in Bristol.

Miriam Everson