Why bother with an antenatal course?

When we asked some of our antenatal course attendees why they decided to book onto an antenatal course we got the best answer ever from one new dad: “why would you not?” We totally agree.

Antenatal courses can sometimes be perceived as a ‘nice to have’ rather than an essential part of the journey from pregnancy to new parenthood. And we think this is a great shame. An antenatal class should equip you with essential knowledge and understanding of the later stages of pregnancy, the birth of your baby and caring for a newborn, to ensure that you can make informed choices that deliver the best for both you and your baby. 

And we totally understand that the financial outlay of a private course can seem a deterrent – but we also see everyday how the support and knowledge that our new parents gain from attending a course helps and guides them into making a smooth and enjoyable transition into parenthood. And hey, if you really can’t justify the spend on a private course, the amazing NHS also provides free antenatal sessions, providing a range of information and support throughout the UK. Ask your midwife for information about these sessions and get in on the antenatal action. 

 Pregnancy can be a scary place to be. Not only have you got to come to terms with ‘getting it out’, but there’s the whole minefield of ‘keeping it alive’ to encounter too! But a decent antenatal course will provide all the advice, support and information that you need to overcome the common concerns that all new parents have. Not only that, but an antenatal course should allow you to meet other parents from your local area who are due around the same time as you, providing an opportunity for you to build your own network of peer support – and never mind flowers, this is the best gift you can possibly give to your baby and you.

Check out the course pages now for details about the Bump to Cradle expert led antenatal courses.

Miriam Everson