Our Mission

At Bump to Cradle, we believe that antenatal classes should be relaxed and sociable but also truly informative - delivering evidence based information from highly trained, experienced and knowledgable experts.

We offer a comprehensive course, superior to traditional antenatal classes, packed with up-to-date, balanced information. 

Your pregnancy, labour and the first few months with your newborn can be an anxiety-inducing and challenging time and we strive to ensure that you feel as prepared and as confident as can be. 

Meet our team of experts

Meet our team of experts

Read testimonials

Read testimonials


Bump to Cradle was founded by Dr Miriam Walsh.  

Miriam is a GP and mother to Lucia and Elijah. It was Miriam's experience during her first pregnancy and the early postnatal period that inspired her to start Bump to Cradle.

Through her GP work, she has also experienced first hand the consequences of insubstantial antenatal education and Bump to Cradle was formed out of her passion to ensure that women can have access to the best in antenatal education from the professionals and experts who are working in the field. 

Through Bump to Cradle, she aims to empower parents-to-be, helping them feel supported and informed and able to get the most out of this amazing and truly transformative time.

Our team of experts have over 50 years of experience in pre and post-natal care and promise to be here for you and your partner as you make the journey into parenthood.


Our Mission is to improve the quality of antenatal education so that you can learn from the experts, make friends for life and approach motherhood feeling calm, confident and informed.


''We really enjoyed Bump to Cradle! The course structure was logical and the handbook issued at the first session was really useful to refer to key information and to make notes during the session.  The course content was informative and the team delivering the course was very knowledgeable.  It was great to be able to talk to practicing professionals who deal with antenatal/pregnancy on a daily basis; they were always happy to answer any questions you had (even if you thought they were silly!) without judgement.''

Sam and Josh, Bristol


Mim Lucia Elijah